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The trade and service sectors are elementary pillars of our economy. The service sector is not only the largest, but also the fastest growing sector. Technology was used here early on to automate processes - for example in the office sector. Trade, which employs over 33 million people in Europe alone, has also always responded dynamically to technological changes and is a source of innovation and progress. Its social importance and global orientation make it a signpost for other economic sectors that are now confronted with digitalisation after globalisation.


The e-commercialisation of the last two decades has posed great challenges to classic retail and service companies, but at the same time has opened up opportunities for them to streamline their own processes and tap into new customer groups and markets. In no other economic sector can new products and services be established so quickly. Accordingly, the pressure is growing strongly due to the market entry of young start-up companies that are turning entire sectors upside down with innovative approaches, shortened process steps and new products. In both the B2B and B2C sectors, the focus is more than ever on customers and their growing demands.

Those who do not adapt agilely to the new rules of digital business risk being forced out of the market. Business models and company organisations must be continuously reviewed for their future viability and adapted to the constantly changing requirements and potentials of the digital world.

neusta enterprise services has been successfully supporting clients from the retail and service sectors for years. We know both the challenges and the opportunities. Regardless of whether it is procurement or purchasing, logistics, marketing or administration - our experienced consultants and project managers will help you to position your business stably in the market and to make the advantages of automation and digitalisation available to you. Together we define your strategy and approach to find and implement optimal solutions and scale your business.

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