Ahoy digitalisation!Cruise shipping in transition


Few tourism sectors have grown as strongly as the cruise market in recent years. Despite, but also because of the growth course, the industry is confronted with major challenges. In addition to environmental protection and financing ship orders worth billions, digitalisation is a megatrend.

Cost pressure is growing, and significantly stricter safety and environmental laws can be expected in the near future. Digital transformation projects will contribute to making ships more environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient. Supported by sensor technology, digital applications and real-time analyses, maintenance intervals can be recognised and carried out in a timely and individual manner. By networking data, routes can also be planned even more efficiently and fuel consumption reduced.

The marketing of cruises will also have to become more digital in order to be able to permanently fill the growing capacities. Although the average age of cruise customers is still relatively high, guests are becoming younger and younger and are making different and higher demands on providers in terms of digital services: Seamless check-in processes, virtual tours, indoor navigation, individual customer approach and digital support services will soon be expected as standard on all ships. Additional sales potential lies in digital, sales-related aftercare and customer loyalty.

But also behind the scenes of the cruise companies - in administration, accounting or controlling - the motto is: reduce costs, make processes more efficient, make decisions faster. Standard software as well as individually developed applications are helpful here.

neusta enterprise services has been assisting well-known companies in the cruise industry with process optimisation and the implementation of digital strategies for more than 10 years. In doing so, we can also draw on our many years of expertise from our consulting activities in neighbouring, related companies such as tour operators or airlines.

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