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With their globally networked reservation systems, airlines have already relied on automated processes at an early stage. Convenient services such as online check-in or yield- and cost-optimising management and scheduling systems have long been standard. Many airlines are several steps ahead of companies in other industries when it comes to digital process optimisation. Nevertheless, the persistently high competitive pressure and the great susceptibility to crises require constant investment in new technologies. The crucial topics of the next few years include the personalised customer experience in real time on the one hand, and the intelligent reduction of emissions and costs on the other. Big Data - the analysis and utilisation of huge amounts of data - will help with this.


For a long time, airports have stuck to analogue processes. But digitalisation is not stopping at the operating companies: apps from market partners, off-site parking providers and car-sharing services are challenging the classic non-aviation business model. Customers are increasingly informing themselves in advance, comparing and buying online. In addition, airlines' quality and cost requirements are putting airports under pressure to act. But digitalisation is much more than an external threat for airports. In all areas - aviation, non-aviation, infrastructure, administration - the digital transformation represents a great opportunity for airports:

  • Added value for passengers, airlines, tenants and system partners - for example, improving the travel experience, faster check-in, real-time information or personalised offers
  • Increasing revenues
  • Streamlining processes
  • Increasing efficiency and optimising costs
  • Realising competitive advantages.

neusta enterprise services supports the airline industry in its digital transformation. With many years of IT experience along the passenger journey, qualified experts from the airline and airport industry and the broad digital expertise of the team neusta group behind us, we make your company fit for the future. Together we analyse processes, define fields of action, develop digital strategies and support you in the selection of technology as well as in the implementation.

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