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inefficient processesOptimized, customer-focused processes
are the basis of a successful digital transformation.


Traditional business models are under pressure, new competitors are turning entire industries upside down and the shortage of skilled workers is threatening future viability - the need to digitize has never been greater. However, many digitalization projects fail because they are seen as strictly technological projects. Yet optimized business models and more efficient workflows are an essential precondition for a successful digital transformation. neusta enterprise services accompanies you at every stage of the digital journey. Our process and digitalization experts can offer many years of professional experience in various fields.

As we are not only experts in our specialist knowledge, but also empathetic listeners, it is easy for us to immerse ourselves in a wide range of business areas and find customized, intelligent process solutions: Whether it's purchasing, financial accounting, controlling, logistics, marketing, sales or customer service - we simply know what makes successful companies work. We take an uncomplicated approach, involve everyone and ensure that our projects are not lacking in sympathy and humor.

To summarize:

We are your pragmatic process professionals with digital DNA.

How you can benefit
from digitized processes

  • Increasing effectiveness and flexibility through greater transparency and better data
  • Securing competitive advantages and future viability in a dynamic market environment
  • Increasing sales through new digital products
  • Higher customer satisfaction by focusing on customer benefits and customer wishes
  • Optimization of process costs
  • Compensate for the shortage of skilled workers through automated processes
  • Transformation of the business towards a modern, digital working culture

Our services

Strategy & innovation consulting

In the 2020s, every company needs a digitalization strategy that will secure its own competitiveness for many years to come. But not everything can be accomplished at once. Processes are complex, budgets are finite and the technical possibilities are seemingly limitless. As a sparring partner, we help you to separate the urgent from the less important, identify quick wins and launch future-oriented solutions, services and products in the right order.

We advise companies in markets where digital disruption has taken hold. We therefore know what is important when it comes to expanding business models, developing new, digital products and setting up a future-proof, agile organization.

Process analysis & process optimization

The majority of your business processes can be automated. You usually achieve the return on investment after a short time. neusta enterprise services supports you in analyzing your processes and remodeling workflows. We work closely with everyone involved to identify inefficient processes, weak points and media disruptions. We show you where you can automate manual, repetitive, time-consuming or error-prone activities and make suggestions for technical implementation.

In doing so, we sometimes turn the traditional upside down and experiment with innovative approaches. "We've always done it this way" becomes "Just do it differently." By focusing on customers and users, we develop solutions that meet with acceptance and deliver added value.

Process implementation & process digitization

Throughout the entire digitalization project, we routinely coordinate and moderate between your business departments and stakeholders, IT and our development teams. We introduce your users to the new process solutions through intensive training and coaching.

When selecting technologies, we guarantee independent advice and make recommendations based on your target processes and product vision and in line with your company's current IT strategy. If required, standard software can be used - for example, we are a Gold Partner of SAP; our team-neusta sister companies are implementation partners of Microsoft, Salesforce, Atlassian, Oracle and AWS, among others. Or the new process requires a customized software solution - in this case, we draw on the technology expertise and resources of our digital family team neusta with more than 1,300 experts. They support our implementation projects, particularly in the areas of software development, artificial intelligence, user experience and web design.

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Despite all the technical possibilities, the focus should always be on people. Being freed from a monotonous, manual process and being able to focus on exciting topics will have a positive impact on work attitudes and increase efficiency.

Saskia Holst
IT Project Manager

Personalized customer offers, seamless processes and smart services are the core elements of modern "unified commerce". Companies must transform themselves digitally quickly in order to win and retain customers and secure their own future viability.

Alexander Konrad
Senior Business Consultant

How we proceed

As true digitalists, we use agile frameworks and methods such as design thinking, event storming, rapid prototyping, Scrum and Kanban. This gives our clients fast, transparent results, makes efficient use of their resources and saves time and money. However, we do not apply agility dogmatically, but always in doses that the company, business process and project need and can tolerate.

We relieve doubters of their worries and show that an agile approach and reliable planning are not mutually exclusive, but rather mutually dependent. For some routine processes and predictable, clearly defined projects, a classic approach or a hybrid approach may be more suitable. We have also mastered these methods and tools and use them successfully for our clients.

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