How to succeed in the changeoverSuccessfully master SAP S/4HANA transformation

Making the proven better

SAP S/4HANA - the new generation of your ERP system offers a modern database architecture, follows well thought-out processes and hybrid architecture scenarios. The focus is on innovation, flexibility and user-friendliness. Benefit from a proven ERP system in a lean guise. We show you why a changeover makes sense, what you can do about it and how to make the path to the digital core in your company simple.

SAP S/4Hana

Your benefits

  • Future-proof ERP solution, as ECC 6.0 support will be discontinued in 2027
  • Basis for the digital transformation of your company
  • Analysis and processing of large amounts of data in real time
  • Simplified data model and state-of-the-art system architecture
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Automation of your business processes through artificial intelligence
  • Real-time analysis and transparency for groundbreaking business decisions and innovations
  • Choice of hybrid, cloud or on-premise operation
  • Realisation of cost reduction and revenue enhancement potentials

Next Generation ERP - Your added value

SAP S/4HANA as the digital core in your company - more than just a buzzword?

How can you accelerate your innovation, harmonise processes and benefit from competitive advantages?

What added value does SAP S/4HANA offer your company?

In the run-up to a S/4HANA conversion, we offer building blocks that enable you to get to know the solution and optimally prepare for a transformation. With a neutral view Individually tailored to you.

Accelerate processes and innovation

Do you want to drive innovations forward in a pragmatic, structured and goal-oriented way without disconnecting the people in your organisation?

Do you want to bundle competences and merge locations in a uniform ERP?

Flexibility and standardisation - an eternal conflict? S/4HANA makes you fit for the growing agility in the markets. In the digital age, innovative strength is a decisive factor for success in the company.

We show you how you can optimally use digital processes under S/4HANA and provide pragmatic insights.

Simplify integration

In future, S/4HANA will form the digital core of your company. What will happen to your system landscape around it?

What does your target architecture for an integration platform look like and what steps will get you there?

What concrete possibilities does SAP offer with Cloud Platform Integration? Where are the deployment scenarios and their limits?

Here, too, the motto is: simplification. Join us in taking a look at new data integration scenarios. With hybrid landscapes, you combine the best of the respective worlds.

As part of the digital family team neusta, we are also a strategic contact for your IT architecture beyond SAP borders.

Our competences

  • Strategy, conception, realisation and operation from a single source
  • End-to-end process consulting beyond the sales process
  • Project initiation
  • Quality assurance and project management for your S/4HANA projects
  • Broadly based industry expertise

There is no right or wrong when switching to S/4HANA. Whether our customers have opted for a greenfield strategy, i.e. a new implementation of their SAP system, or whether they have chosen the brownfield approach, in which their existing SAP ERP system is converted to S/4HANA in phases - our customers have not regretted the big step towards a data-driven, intelligent company.

Thomas Fricke
SAP Senior Consultant

Free fitness checkIs your company ready for S/4HANA?
The answers to the following questions will help define your starting point before the S/4HANA journey:

  • Is your initial release at least SAP ERP 6.0?
  • Has your system already been converted to Unicode?
  • Is the Maintenance Planner functional for your system landscape and is the data up-to-date?
  • Have you already introduced the new general ledger?
  • Have you already introduced the new business partner model?
  • Do you know whether data archiving is to be carried out?

  • Do you know how you can use your existing licences in the future?
  • Have you already carried out a readiness check?
  • Do you know whether you still need all add-ons and customer developments and whether they are compatible with S/4HANA?
  • If you employ your own developers: Do you have the appropriate know-how for new technologies?

Your S/4HANA companion

Two partners - one thought: How can we determine the added value of SAP S4/HANA for our customer and forward innovations?

Our plus: a long-term and deep collaboration. Indico Solutions' SAP-Basis skills concerning the technical architecture meet proven SAP skills, process consulting, design and usability of neusta enterprise services.

Ready for the next step?

We look forward to hearing or reading from you.

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