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Are you ready for the cloud?

The implementation of a cloud solution offers different challenges than a classic ERP implementation. Process architects are the drivers on the way to the intelligent enterprise and look beyond the boundaries of individual systems. Digital transformation requires flexible IT infrastructures. Without connections to the cloud or to hybrid cloud models, it will no longer be possible to react flexibly to new requirements and launch innovations in the future. Business models that are built on the collection and processing of huge amounts of data from a wide variety of sources are unthinkable without the cloud. 


Questions you have probably already asked yourself

Aren't individuality and flexibility lost with standardised cloud applications?

On the contrary - your employees and colleagues will love the cloud. A local installation of the SAP programmes on the end devices is no longer necessary. The required applications can be accessed from any device - be it a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - via an internet connection. The data is constantly synchronised and kept up to date. This makes it possible to work independently of location and time, enables greater flexibility and thus accelerates your business success.

What are the costs in the cloud compared to on-premise systems?

While the installation of local systems incurs high initial costs and the operation and maintenance incur varying levels of ongoing expenditure, you pay a monthly rent for the use of the cloud, the amount of which depends on the scope of the services used. This keeps the costs of the cloud solution predictable and calculable for you. Over time, the total costs are even lower than for SAP systems that are operated on your premises.

How secure is the cloud?

You retain control over your company data. However, the cloud operator, in this case SAP, takes care of system availability, data security, updates and backups. This allows you to concentrate fully on your business success. In the SAP Cloud Trust Center, SAP provides detailed information about all security precautions, which are at a very high level.

How can individual requirements of our company be implemented with cloud products?

SAP provides a broad portfolio of cloud products that can be used according to your individual requirements. For a successful and flexible implementation, it should be noted that processes should be abstracted and considered architecturally: An open API infrastructure instead of the ABAP report. The Business Technology Platform offers extensive AI-supported methods and technologies from the cloud, such as blockchain and robotics.

How does the introduction of a cloud solution differ from a classic introduction project?

The implementation of a cloud solution is faster than usual for large ERP implementation projects, but requires openness to change. The basis for success is the willingness to cut back old habits and to question the tried and tested. It is advisable to involve employees in the processes at an early stage and to hand over responsibility.

The path to the intelligent enterprise

Under the name RISE with SAP, SAP bundles a holistic service offering for your path to the intelligent enterprise. The offer is divided into three areas:

  • With the help of Business Process Intelligence, your existing business scenarios are put to the test. Based on the analysis of your existing processes, these can be optimised and simulated. This is not a one-off redesign, but a continuous optimisation of the process models. This enables you to meet the growing demands for efficiency and speed.
  • The second area, technical migration, provides SAP tools and services for a seamless transition from your current ERP environment to the SAP Cloud world. This includes industry-specific best practice approaches and model companies.
  • Applications, platforms and infrastructure services can be found under the title build your intelligent enterprise. The SAP Business Network offers a flexible entry point to digital connectivity with trading partners. This allows you to extend the transformation beyond the boundaries of your company.
  • The RISE with SAP offer can be customised for companies. Depending on requirements and current state, the path to the intelligent enterprise in the cloud is shaped.

SAP Business Technology Platform

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is part of RISE with SAP. The platform provides a comprehensive portfolio of cloud products and services. Previously, the Business Technology Platform was called SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform

The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) is a useful addition to the ERP solutions ECC and S/4HANA. The various services and cloud services from SAP are gathered under its umbrella. The SCP is offered as a so-called Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Company-specific applications and mobile apps can be developed individually and flexibly on it and integrated into the existing SAP landscape. Development times are thus shortened and you can react quickly and agilely to the latest requirements that the market places on your ERP system. In addition, the SAP Cloud Platform acts as the basis for your networked IT landscape and enables the integration of cloud-based future technologies such as Big Data, IoT or AI. Older SAP on-premise systems can also be modernised with the help of the SAP Cloud Platform

The open standards of the SAP Cloud Platform are great. For us programmers, it offers a wide range of development tools that allow us to deliver innovative applications and services quickly and agilely to our enterprise customers.

Till Simolka

SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) provides important functions and tools for analysing your data and key figures. SAC combines business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics in a central solution. The data sources for the analyses can be connected extremely flexible: SAP and non-SAP systems, in the cloud and on-premise. CSV and Excel files can also be used for analysis purposes. The interaction of important analytics functions with modern technologies such as machine learning guarantees advanced analyses and optimal decisions for companies - flexibly from the cloud and with the power of the HANA database. The SAC is provided via the SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP Business Network

The SAP Business Network combines functionalities from Ariba Network, Asset Intelligence Network and Logistics Business Network. This results in important added value: companies can use a uniform network to collaborate with all business partners and exchange information. Bringing suppliers and customers together significantly optimises the procurement process, supply chains can be unified and developed into an intelligent network. The SAP Business Network makes data and information available centrally. It is included in RISE with SAP in the form of a Starter Pack.

Our services

As a SAP Gold Partner, we at neusta enterprise services have been experts in cloud solutions from SAP for years. Since 2012, we have been working with a wide range of cloud products from the SAP product family, e.g. the ERP system Business ByDesign, the SAP Service Cloud (formerly Cloud4Customer), Concur Travel&Expenses, SAP Ariba (Procurement) or SuccessFactors (HCM) - to name a few. Our specialists are not only proficient in the SAP Business Technology Platform, but also in orchestration with Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. We accompany you on your way into the data cloud and expand your SAP system with agile business apps. This way, we ensure that you can react quickly and flexibly to the challenges of digital transformation.

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