Test management in the context of
the introduction of an SAP systemTUI Germany

The company

TUI Deutschland GmbH was founded in 1968 and has its headquarters in Hanover. It is the leading tour operator in Germany and a wholly owned subsidiary of the TUI Group, the world's largest tourism group. The tour operator is responsible for the creation, distribution and marketing of vacation tours on the German market.

At one glance:

  • Coordination through execution of quality assurance with audit-compliant functional and system integration tests
  • Planning, definition of test scenarios and scripts as well as test execution
  • Provision of a team consisting of test managers, testers and test assistants

The task

During project implementation, quality assurance was carried out with functional and system integration tests, which were coordinated and executed by neusta enterprise services.

neusta enterprise services supported the departmental acceptance tests by providing a test manager. By supporting the planning, preparation and organization of the acceptance tests, neusta enterprise services relieved the employees of the departments, who were firmly anchored in the daily business, so that they could concentrate on the product to be accepted. In addition to planning and organizing the tests, the test manager's tasks also included preparing test documents and audit-proof test documentation, as well as a weekly presentation of the test progress as a status report.

The implementation

In the course of the acceptance tests, neusta organized and supervised the tests of four departments: Accounts Receivable B2B, Accounts Receivable B2C, Financial Accounting and Controlling. The test teams consisted of 2 to 4 testers from each department and 2 technical experts from TUI InfoTec. In a preparatory phase lasting several months, the acceptance criteria were defined in the form of test scenarios, which mapped the processes of the departments, together with the departments to be accepted.

Subsequently, neusta conducted workshops to capture and formulate the concrete test scenarios. Based on the workshop results, neusta prepared test scripts for the execution and documentation of the acceptance tests.

For future regression tests, the test scripts had to be available in English as well as German.

During project implementation, quality assurance was carried out with functional and system integration tests, which were coordinated and executed by neusta enterprise services.

For this purpose, neusta enterprise services took over the coordination with a translation agency commissioned by TUI.

Based on the test scenarios and the test data required in each case, the scenarios were scheduled for execution in meaningful clusters.

During the test execution, neusta's main task was to prepare and provide the test scripts in a form suitable for acceptance and to store them in an audit-compliant manner. For this purpose, and in order to be able to quickly eliminate any faults that occurred during the test execution, a test assistant was present in each team at all times.

The tests were documented using a digital and physical filing system in which all test content and results could be accessed and tracked even after the test phase was completed.

The result

The high complexity of the project was also reflected in the acceptance tests, which required a high degree of structure and organizational skills.

By communicating best-practice approaches, setting up an easy-to-navigate filing system, and the inherent feedback character of the tests, we were able to contribute to the successful completion of the project and ensure a high level of software quality.

Used technologies

  • SmartBear QAComplete
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Excel

Cover photo: TUI Group