Development of a software solution for the graphical representation and harmonisation of large amounts of dataCustomer from the aerospace industry

The company

The client is a company in the aerospace industry. The services were mainly provided at a branch in northern Germany.

At one glance

  • More effective management processes by structuring and harmonising complex data sources.
  • Ensure web-based access to daily updated, synchronised data
  • Developed with Spotfire and Slate in combination with Python and Javascript

The task

The aim of the project was to make the management processes of several production programmes at different locations of the company more effective. Diverse, complex data sources were to be structured and harmonised across plants. The data was to be made accessible via a web interface and individually customisable. Views of different tools were to be juxtaposed with harmonised data.

The implementation

The team neusta company neusta aerospace was responsible for staffing and managing the project team of up to 12 members. Developers from neusta enterprise services and neusta software development were involved. The work was carried out in an agile manner according to Scrum. All planning processes were regularly evaluated with the customer and - where necessary - adapted. Together with the customer's project management and the responsible employees of the various plants, the neusta team first created the requirements analyses. After the conceptual design, graphical representations were developed to illustrate and evaluate previously unmanageable amounts of data.

These were harmonised across plants to create better visibility between the sites. neusta recommended that the client develop a web application which provides the views in the browser, independent of the tool. The different display technologies thus work together seamlessly and use a harmonious data set as a basis. The views created initially can be managed individually by the end user with little effort.

The result

The web-based software gives users easy and clear access to synchronised data records that are updated daily. The developed products are in run mode and are constantly being optimised. team neusta is responsible for support and further development beyond the project.

Used technologies

  • Spotfire and Slate in combination with Python and Javascript for graphical representation of complex data structures
  • C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, Entity Framework, OracleDB for creating web applications and backend management
  • Redmine, Jira, Confluence for documentation and recording the workload

Realised by

  • neusta aerospace
  • neusta enterprise services
  • neusta software development