Over 25 Years team neusta & TUIteam neusta & TUI

The company

1993 - a number that stands for both the founding of team neusta and the beginning of the close cooperation between the Bremen-based group of companies and the tourism group TUI. Since then, team neusta has developed a variety of individual digital solutions together with TUI, becoming the tour operator's strategic IT partner.

At a glance

  • team neusta has been implementing IT and web projects for the world's largest travel group TUI since 1993
  • Since 2013 team neusta is official strategic
    IT partner of the TUI Group
  • neusta enterprise services is the main contact and leader in the cooperation

Early nineties

Founded in the early nineties, team neusta has developed over almost three decades into one of Germany's largest IT service providers with around 1,200 employees. From the very beginning, Carsten Meyer-Heder, founder and partner of team neusta, supported the TUI travel group in the area of software development and steadily expanded this cooperation in the years to come. Shortly before the turn of the millennium, large orders followed, for example the cooperation in the travel agency booking platform "Iris plus" as well as the introduction and further development of a new system for finance and accounting based on Oracle eBusiness Suite.

team neusta as a strategic IT partner

The cooperation between team neusta and TUI was further intensified in the following years: In 2005, the backend and frontend development of various online platforms, such as tui.com and 1-2-fly.com, began, with an average of 20 to 40 developers and project managers working over several years using the agile process method "Scrum". At this time, the first hotel platform was developed together and integration projects, e.g. connection to Amadeus, Traveltainment and Peakwork platforms followed. But that was just the beginning of numerous, parallel projects between the partners: since 2010, team neusta has also been working for TUI tour operators in England, Poland, Austria, Spain and Switzerland. "Since 2013, team neusta has been an official strategic IT partner of TUI Group, which implies a great trust of the customer in us. In recent years, we have been able to actively participate in the development and implementation of IT sales strategies at TUI Germany and realize more than 250 projects.

"Currently, more than 120 team neusta colleagues are involved," explains Dirk Kabus, Managing Director of the lead team neusta subsidiary neusta enterprise services. The paths of this partnership are lined with numerous milestones: a complaints system for TUI customers has been implemented, website launches and relaunches for tour operators, airlines and hotels have been carried out, and a wide variety of new systems in the areas of controlling, tour operator and customer processes have been introduced behind the scenes. "The basis of our successful cooperation with team neusta lies in the mutual trust and appreciation for each other. Our employees work together in partnership to achieve the optimum for us," explains Jan van Daal, CIO of TUI Deutschland.