The company

The company COQON, with locations in Bremen and Bonn, offers a modular product world of software and hardware for intelligent living.

At one glance

  • Further development of software and apps for smart home products
  • Technical second-level support and testing
  • 6 team-neusta companies are involved
  • neusta enterprise services provides project management and project management office (PMO)

The task

Together with the customer, team neusta has been developing the COQON product world for more than five years. COQON takes care of first level support with contact to the end customer. team neusta takes care of second level technical support in order to carry out in-depth analyses for problem solving, as well as the implementation of software and apps belonging to the product.

The implementation

COQON combines the strengths of many team neusta subsidiaries in one product on a daily basis: neusta enterprise services provides the internal product owner as well as the project management office and is in charge of controlling and communicating with the customer. The app development for Android and iOS and the UX design are in the hands of the experts from neusta mobile solutions, while the development of the middleware and web app is carried out by neusta software development. HEC and neusta portal services support the team in quality assurance.

For the project team, one particular challenge was to map the complexity of the system in a clear and understandable interface. The goal was to present functionalities learned by the user - for example, how to operate a volume control or a light dimmer - so clearly that intuitive control is possible for all types of devices. In this context, among other things, a unique design language was created with a circle as the central element.

The concept was based on the "best of breed" principle: Native features of each platform were taken into account so that every user navigates intuitively through the app. In particular, users find the administration and control area as they are used to from their operating system - the user learns the functions of the app even faster and more independently. A highly complex system runs in the background, ensuring a flow of information between all five components - Qbox, cloud server as well as three frontends - in real time. This ensures extremely fast and accurate implementation of commands and programmes. In addition, the query of access rights and authorisations takes place there in parallel. This gives the user the possibility to create different user profiles.

The result

The COQON product has been successfully sold for about five years now. Recently, the new COQON generation (Qbox2) was launched, which offers numerous improvements, further developments and innovations. A special feature of the application: it has a comprehensive automation function with which personal programmes can be created. This gives the customer great freedom in creating various individual heating and lighting settings. In the future, COQON will continue to work with team neusta on the further development of the product portfolio as well as on new product developments in order to be able to continue to offer the end customer forward-looking smart home solutions.

Realised by

  • neusta enterprise services
  • neusta software development
  • neusta mobile solutions
  • HEC
  • neusta portal services
  • neusta infrastructure services